Save Your Contacts




The project started as a utility for merging contacts from different sources into one file. During development, the client decided to expand the functionality and turn the utility into a full-fledged web service for storing and managing information about donors and donations for NGOs.

Main features:

  • Automatic collection of data about donations and donors from external sources
  • Detection and merging of duplicate donor records, scoring
  • Automatic generation of thank-you letters
  • Integration with Gmail API for sending personalized emails
  • Integration with Stripe and Yaadpay API
  • Real-time interaction
  • API for a mobile application and documentation for it
  • Import and export of data to XLS
  • Billing and subscription management
  • User and role management
  • Technical requirements and design mockups of the mobile application

Main Screen - List of Donors

Save Your Contacts app main screen

Advanced Filtering

Save Your Contacts app advanced filtering

User and Role Management

Save Your Contacts app role-based access control

Duplicate Detection

Save Your Contacts app duplicate detection

Import from XLS

Save Your Contacts app import from XLS

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