Van Keeper


Metro OTC LLC.

Web application for tracking inventory and sales in a mobile sales point.

Within the project, I have developed:

  • Technical requirements and design mockups
  • New API methods for CRM
  • SPA application with a small backend on Vue 3 (Nuxt) interacting with the proprietary CRM API and SkuVault API (inventory system)
  • Adaptive design using Tailwind CSS

In addition to managing OTC products online, a new sub-project "Van" emerged when the company expanded. The Van project involved a truck delivering goods directly at Nursing Facilities.

There was a need to automate inventory tracking and sales in the new point of sale, with data exchange with the back office (CRM), as the payment process for such products is specific and requires manipulation with partner insurance systems that do not provide APIs.

The application allows for retrieving the list of products and their stock availability, searching for returning customers in the CRM database, editing customer profiles, closing shifts (placing orders in CRM, sending sales information to the warehouse after receiving payment confirmation).

Van Keeper 2024 website login
Login page

Items picking

The interface of the project is adaptive, targeting tablets as the primary device.

Van Keeper 2024 website items picking

The process of selecting items for orders is done collaboratively with the client, hence the ability to display detailed product information.

Van Keeper 2024 website items picking 2

The ability to view product images in detail is essential for facilitating the search for the desired information by clients, such as ingredients, allergens, etc.

Van Keeper 2024 website items picking 3

Van Keeper 2024 website customer search

Order placement

Van Keeper 2024 website order placement

Shift ending

At the end of a shift, the team can close the shift by sending sales information to the warehouse and finalizing orders in CRM.

Van Keeper 2024 website shift ending

Service page

Additionally, I included a service page so that the Van team could promptly address the most common issues.

Van Keeper 2024 website service page

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